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Your Monthly Subscription Will Cover

Pro Package

For Individual Brands
$ 299 Monthly
  • WeekIy 1 hour strategy session via zoom
  • 1 annual website redesign
  • Monthly code update and upgrade​
  • 5 Quarterly Feature Improvements​
  • 0 Live Chat Agent​

Premium Package

For Enterprise Level Organizations
$ 699 Monthly
  • WeekIy 1 hour strategy session via zoom
  • 2 annual website redesign
  • Weekly code update and upgrade
  • Unlimited Feature Improvements
  • 1 Live Chat Agent

Reasons you believe you don't need this service

We will be doing much more than designing your website. we will plan your web strategy with you, execute the strategy and all the while ensure that your code is up to date and secure. These responsibilities require the talents and training of a digital strategist, programmer, server admin and web designer. hiring these will cost you more than four times our price, and we are making all these available to you.

our first course of action is to monitize your website as quickly as possible so it begins to pay for itself. if your website isn’t doing that, you should shut it down. everything in our businesses must contribute to the bottom-line and your website isn’t an exception. From Day one, Our team will focus on making your website profitable.

Your primary task is managing your business. Believe us when we say “website management is a full time job”. You wouldn’t want to take the whole day working on your website when you should be working on your business. That’s our job and we’re extremely good at it. Let’s make your website what it should be while you work on your business vision and strategy which the website will be designed to match.