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Why Do Businesses Fail?

Dominoes lined up on a table
Tipping one over will eventually bring the whole arrangement down. 

The Dominoe Effect

Understanding why companies shut down

Without pandemics and natural disasters, businesses have been failing for hundreds of years. Understanding why this happens and what to do to prevent it is essential for small businesses to survive in an already difficult economy.

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Why Should You Change?

Of man-hours wasted
Of expenses can be saved
Of Payroll can be saved
Profit can be recorded monthly

Your business has not achieved 100% efficiency.
Every time you register waste of effort or resources, you lose money.

Money is blood for your business and your business is bleeding. If this continues, your business will eventually succumb to its wounds. Sadly, these wounds are self-inflicted by you and your team. Each day your team operates without the right systems and tools in place is another day your business bleeds time and money. You should consider doing things differently in order to secure a future for your company.

If You Don't Change

If the statistics above represent your current experience, the outcome is predictable. 
So much that your business may not be running within 5 years.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), entrepreneurs started 774,725 new business in the year ending March 2019. From the historical data, we can expect approximately 155,000 of these businesses to fail within the first two years. The numbers are probably worse in your region. Below are some statistics to have in mind. The upside is that through using the right tools, research, planning, and flexibility, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of new business and be a part of the 25% that make it to 15 years and beyond.

of new businesses fail during the first two years
during the first five years
during the first 10 years
make it to 15 years or more

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Our clients count on us to provide what other agencies can't: consulting and solutions that are mission-critical to success. Whether it's one-on-one consulting, live training, or business solutions, small businesses know that Silicon Streets is more than an Agency. We're a team committed to your successful arrival at your destination of efficiency and profit.

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