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We're very eager for you to become our affiliate. You’ll find that we’re a generous bunch with commissions. For retainers, commissions are earned in perpetuity.

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All sales closed from traffic traced to your affiliate link will earn you a 10% commission.

What Would I Sell?

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WordPress Web Management

Millions of businesses own websites that do nothing. You will help us bring in leads interested in making their websites a viable and profitable asset. These engagements are retainers and your commissions will be sent to you upon each renewal.

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Business Management Apps

Businesses fail largely because of waste. Waste is as a result of poor management. You'll be helping us bring in businesses interested in running a stable and profitable system. This is also retainer-based and you will earn on each renewal. 

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WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular CMS used to build business websites today. You will be bringing in customers who are eager to have a website that represents everything they wish their business to be identified with.

About Affiliate Links

About Affiliate Links

We issue unique affiliate links to our partners to enable them to track transactions that originate from them. It equally helps us connect new leads to them as the Salesperson responsible for that Customer.

Start sharing your affiliate link today and earn 10% of every transaction conducted by your Customers.


The ability of each Affiliate to earn at different levels will always be proportional to the effort they put into driving their unique links and engaging leads who reach out to them in response to their posts.

We do our best to provide all the information you will need to track your efforts and keep you aware of Leads who have reached us through your campaigns.

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