How To Reduce Loses
A Guide On How You Can Eliminate Waste Of Resources By Your Staff

While speaking with business owners who employ staff, the critical concern is they can't track staff activities. In an economy like ours, there is one common denominator. Employees engage their activities while at work and are paid. Payment happens as if they spent all their time contributing to the bottom-line of the business. 

This culture accounts for the massive, yet unrecorded losses registered by businesses. Don't believe me? Let's do the math. Assume your company has five staff, and they are all on minimum wage. At 30,000 NGN, this would amount to 238 NGN hourly if they work for 6 hours each workday. If their active work hours, hours where they contribute to the corporate tasks, is 3 hours, then each staff costs you 714 NGN daily. If it doesn't look like much, let's keep adding up the numbers. The same team would cost you 14,994 NGN at the end of the month. Now multiply this by 5 to account for all five teams, and you have a gaping hole of 74,970 NGN monthly. A Business paying five staff at minimum wage loses every month. Sometimes it's much more because we know that staff on minimum wage demand supervision, and you cannot be there to look over their shoulders every day. Your company doesn't pay minimum wage; I assume so, do the math.

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Fixing this problem is simple but not easy. 
It's simple because there are solutions out there designed to take care of this problem. The human race has had these issues as long as the business has existed. Technology to solve this has evolved over millennia. In the tech age, we solve this problem using Technology. The barrier for many companies is the fact that they would be spending money to solve this problem. Let's take our friend, who has been losing 74,970 NGN monthly. If I met him and asked if he would love to eliminate this issue, he'd say "yes." I'd ask, would you invest 3700 NGN per staff monthly be something you'd be willing to do to remove this waste? His lightning-fast mind would say, "How do I spending more money reduce waste?". I'd say, "Our technology would help you track your staff's hourly contribution to the company, and if they fall short of their expected hourly quota for the month, you pay them only for the hours they worked." A charming wide grin spreads across our friend's face. He can't hide it. Business people like to work on their poker face, but genuine excitement is hard to conceal. He asks how this is possible.

Our Solution

  1. Start a subscription on our software for a team of 7: 5 staff, your assistant or office manager and for you
  2. We set up your database for a fee, or you can follow the help videos and do it yourself. Having an expert set up your software is faster and sure to be done in record time. Remember, your subscription is running while you're setting things up.
  3. Your staff takes a short 1-hour training on how to use the software. Daily attendance is registered on the software upon arrival at work. Activities are logged when tasks are completed and check out on their way out of the office.
  4. You will be able to see the activities from your dashboard, and at the end of the month, you can calculate how many hours each staff has recorded actions and pay them based on the sum of the hours worked.

The Result

You'll find that the staff will become more focused on their tasks because their salaries are tied to their recorded activities. Less time would be spent on other activities, and you will be able to assess your staff using the data they have provided. They will begin to account for their time in the office better, and your business will thrive because everyone is contributing to its growth.

Let us know if you are struggling with staff efficiency. We can help.

How To Start

  1. Do It Yourself: Start your subscription and set up the software yourself. There are guides that will help you do this, and there is a lot of documentation available to help you.
  2. Done With You: Hire us to assist while you work on your installation. We will provide guidance and intervene if there is a critical issue.
  3. Done For You: Hire us to install the software for you.

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How To Reduce Loses
Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
13 February, 2020
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