How To Remotely Run Business
Operate Like A Big Company While Small. Eventually, You Will Become A Big Company.

A growing business means there is an increasing demand for your products or services. More customers will require your help, and you will need more hours in a day to serve your customers. Sadly, we cannot create more time. What you can do is buy time from others and ask them to represent you to your customers. 
The employment process works this way in a perfect world. However, we don't live in an ideal world. People get distracted and fail to meet up to their obligations. You might need to sit with them all day to make sure they are doing what you pay them to do. But wait, isn't the point of hiring these people to make sure you don't have to do that? Every moment you are away from the room, there are chances that they will revert to doing other things until you get back. This process isn't going to work. It would help if you had something better.

Best Practices

Large corporations have thousands of employees and have succeeded in getting the best out of them. They work without individual hourly supervision. How do they achieve this? They have systems that force their employees to become self-supervised essentially. In the past, these systems were expensive and only affordable to Multi-Billion Dollar corporations. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, these tools now have affordable options.

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Our Option

Odoo is a business software that provides apps that integrate the different departments in a business. You can start with the department that needs immediate help and work your way outwards to less critical departments. Today, we're discussing your Project Management process.

How It Works

After buying your subscription, you will follow available documentation on how to install the Projects app. You will also have access to instructions that walk you through setting up projects and tasks. Once that is completed, you will need to train your employees in using the Timesheet app. The tool allows you to monitor how they spend their time during work hours. If you wish to drive compliance further, you will need to install the Employee app. The app will allow you to create their Employee cards for Human Resource purposes and add their hourly rates. Compute their hourly rates using the following formula.

Monthly Wages ÷21÷= Hourly Rate

This figure is the employee's hourly rate.

How To Use The Timesheet

The employee will be required to use the timesheet app to record their daily task report. At the end of the month, the Human Resource officer will review the Timesheet app report. If the employee falls below the minimum number of hours for the month, their wages are calculated based on the number of hours recorded and verified. The following formula is applied.

Hourly Rate x Hours Recorded in Timesheet = Wages

The Expected Result

You are about to discover the most potent force in Humanity: Self Preservation. Your employees will rise to the occasion! They will protect their paycheck! Tasks will end in record time, and they will spend less time in idle banter and personal projects. The best part, all this will happen in your absence. The software does the monitoring for you, and you review the data your employees feed it.


You will have to commit to the process and enforce the new culture. If you don't, the system will not work. You will have to set examples and show everyone that now on is exempted - even you. It will be several months of reviews and adjustments in salaries before everyone sees that you mean business. When this happens, you truly own a business, and the company doesn't own you.

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How To Remotely Run Business
Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
14 February, 2020
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