Generate Leads. Close Deals.

Managing your Lead generation and conversion system can be a massive headache without a flexible and robust Customer Relationship Manager. For one thing, you have to hire and pay marketers who have a ready-made script that guides them. They don't have huge gaps of time where new Leads convert to paying customers.

You don't have to worry about recruiting inexperienced managers. Now, your new marketers can run at the same pace as your current Team by simply following canned SOPs and a preset marketing Playbook. They'll be converting Leads in record time and represent your brand without missing a beat.

CRM + Marketing Playbook

Get a system that generates a marketing script that guides your team in daily activities that increase your rate of converting Leads to Customers... so your business generates a steady stream of income.

Send your Leads digital quotes that they can sign on to confirm their acceptance of the offer, so you have a legal document and have evidence of the Customers selection.

You Get...

Unique Database

Your own CRM runs on a shared server and can be migrated to your own server on request.

Marketing Playbook

Your database instance comes installed with the Marketing Playbook and default scripts.


For a small fee, you can run your marketing playbook and watch your revenue grow.

How It Works


Hit the order button and pay for your database

Sign In

Receive your database details and sign in


Use the Playbook to manage your leads and grow

massively increase your marketing team's efficiency

increases the efficiency of your marketing team by over 30%