Marketing Playbook

Finding it hard to justify your marketing spend? Are you losing money every quarter to a marketing budget that doesn't increase sales? Let our team setup an automated workflow that queues a series of actions that guides your margeting team through their sales funnel.

Our Packages


5 ,000

/ month
  • Lead management sequence
  • Link Tracking
  • No Sales Landing Page
  • No support


₦ 8 ,500

/ month
  • Lead management sequence
  • Link Tracking
  • 1 Sales Landing Page
  • Email support


15 ,000

/ month
  • Lead management sequence
  • Link Tracking
  • Up To 3 Sales Landing Page
  • Call-in support

Big Brand Born During A Session

After running my music blog for 4 years I felt I wasn't getting the right traction I needed to attract a balanced crowd and corporate sponsors. I met Silicon Streets for a Discovery Session and that was where The PGM Club was born. They helped flesh out the connection between my vision and the brand then fleshed out what the website would communicate. It's been 3 years since and we've had big brand sponsors and hosted over 15 live events with Millions of listeners during our weekly radio shows. Now, we're on our way to becoming the global voice for African Sounds.

Give them a call and breathe life into your dream.


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