Our Portfolio

Over a decade of work can have its share of work. We’ll just make some honorable mentions here.

Nigerian political science association

Project: Website, Event Registration, Journal Portal
Year: 2018

We helped the NPSA build a website that served us both the membership portal for the Association and a platform for publishing their journals.  

Priority Media Mobile App

Project: Mobile App, Online Radio, Online TV
Year: 2018

We helped them design a mobile app that streams online radio service from the Online Radio platform which was designed by us and an online TV. 

Investment One

Project: Web User Interface Design
Year: 2016

We helped them redesigned five of their websites. The rebranding of their primary Web site and selection of colors for each of the individual sites was a key part of the project.  

National Youth Summit

Project: Odoo, Web Design, Event Registration
Year: 2015

We designed the events registration portal and information website for the National Youth Summit event. 

University of Nigeria

Project: Website, Keynotes, Digital Marketing
Year: 2012

We designed a massive website architecture which represented operations of the University of Nigeria, boasting of 20 websites belonging to each faculty including the main website of the institution. We were also responsible for taking the Website visits from less than 1,000 visitors a month, to over 250000 visitors within eight months.  

KCU Legal

Project: Web Design
Year: 2016

We helped the law firm design a world-class Web site which represents the breadth of their legal expertise.

5D Imagery Limited

Project: Digital Strategy, Odoo, Website Design
Year: 2018

We designed their websites to represent their services and also deployed an instance of Odoo as their back-end to serve as a project management and data processing platform for their photobook and fabrication factories.  

Okey Bakassi

Project: Digital Strategy, Website Design, Ticket Sales
Year: 2018

We helped him design a website which showcases his daily Radio show and his TV show. We also created an Event Registrational portal integrated into the website. A live chat feature for interacting with visitors also runs on his website.

k2o entertainment

Project: Website Design
Year: 2016

The entertainment website for K2O Entertainment presents the profile of the production company, highlighting their frontline artiste. Their website also includes a blog. 

NPSA South-east

Project: Website Design
Year: 2016

This website showcases the association's profile and also creates an opportunity for them to publish journals. It also contains a rich membership feature integrated.

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